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Parks with irregular shapes might increase longevity

  More and more studies are emphasizing the importance of green spaces for longevity. New research adds an important nuance to the mounting evidence — the shape of these parks also plays an important part in staving off mortality risk. Share on Pinterest Medical News Today have just reported on …

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Do previous medicines maintain the reply to antibiotic resistance?

  Historically, doctors used metals to treat infections. Researchers think that this treatment method may be worth a modern reexamination. Share on PinterestScientists are exploring new avenues for tackling the antibiotic resistance crisis. As an increasing number of bacteria develop antibiotic resistance, scientists are looking beyond this family of medications …

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Signs, causes, problems, and remedy

    Lithium toxicity, or lithium overdose, can occur when a person takes too much of a mood-stabilizing medication that contains lithium. It can also develop when the body does not excrete lithium properly. Lithium, or lithium carbonate, is an active ingredient in some drugs that treat mood disorders, including …

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CDC warn about romaine lettuce from Salinas, CA

  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued a food safety alert in light of a recent Escherichia coli outbreak in the United States. We outline its main takeaways. Share on PinterestThe CDC warn that consuming romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, CA, may be dangerous. Between September …

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How micro organism ‘act as one’ to flee antibiotics

  New research zooms in on Pseudomonas aeruginosa to uncover a strategy that drug-resistant bacteria use to avoid antibiotics. The findings could help make antibiotics more effective. Share on PinterestPetri dish experiments show how bacteria communicate to escape antibiotics. Jean-Louis Bru, from the department of molecular biology and biochemistry at …

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